Are you ready to take control of your anxiety?

Do you want to feel peaceful, positive and productive every day?

Ready to understand your mind and behaviours around your anxious thoughts so you can make GREAT and EASY changes towards an anxiety-free lifestyle?

This self-paced course can really help you do just that.

It's jam packed with anxiety solutions that really work.

Get ready to feel calmer and back in control!

PLUS 2 FREE Bonuses

The Ultimate Anxiety Calmer Video

Anti-anxiety Affirmation Cards

With this course, you'll learn how to work with your

Physical self

Emotional self

Holistic self

Spiritual self

So you'll be able to...

Know the underlying causes of your anxiety using science and research

Identify why women are more prone to anxiety

(and how to work with this)

Measure and develop your emotional intelligence

Minimise your anxiety with a holistic toolbox

And that's not all.

With this course you'll learn to...

Action the emotional cycle to free anxiety from your body

Acquire 2 amazingly simple yet effective breathing techniques

Improve your sleep by learning better sleep hygiene and tools

Perform shinrin-yoku to connect with nature including how to test your anxiety levels before and after

Practice the STOP method to reduce anxiety (it's a bit magic!)

Learn 5 super instant

anxiety relieving strategies

Conduct mindfulness techniques to be present and lessen your anxiety

Master daily journaling, affirmations and gratitudes that really work for you

Know delicious foods to enjoy and what to avoid for anxiety

Make delicious recipes and juices that focus on anxiety-busting stuff

Transcend into a daily meditation practice using both a guided and self-guided method to calm anxiety

Craft regular, easy, daily anti-anxiety rituals into your life

Feel the love

Here's what others say...


"Genuinely so pleased with everything I've learnt in this course. It's given me ways to practice reducing my anxiety, not only in the moment but with lifestyle choices and changes. Highly recommend."


"Learning about what's going on in my brain was so insightful. It's really helped me feel in control of my anxiety and I trust so much more in all the things I can do for myself now."


"What a wonderful and refreshing course that's given me hope for the future! I recognise it's an ongoing journey to keep anxiety at bay but I feel much better able to do that now. Many thanks Caroline!"


  • You're always feeling the struggle with anxiety, worry and overwhelm

  • You want to feel calm and take back control of your life on your terms

  • You're committed and ready to making positive changes to live your best life


  • You're not committed and expect a magic fix!

  • You're not open, curious and ready to begin this special journey to transform!

  • You're not prepared to put the work in!

I see you

I get you

I've lived anxiety too

Several years ago, I was struggling with anxiety and panic attacks. It was scary and debilitating. It began to impact all areas of my life. The fear of when a panic attack would happen became a constant part of my life. I'd get a racing, pounding heart. Feel dizzy and shaky. I'd go clammy and cold. I thought I was dying. It was intense. The constant worry of interacting with friends, family and work in a group setting would be a huge trigger for me. So when I say I understand, I really do.

I decided enough was enough. I put in the hours of research, reading, learning, studying and practicing. I began to understand myself more deeply. I found things that worked for me. Along the way, I gained my degree as a counsellor. Then qualified as a coach. I began sharing what worked for me with my clients. These things worked for them too. I knew the best way to offer this anxiety-free lifestyle to help as many women as possible was to create an online course. So Mayhem to Zen was born.

There is 100% hope that however your anxiety presents and what goes on for you - it can get better with the right tools and techniques. What I've created in this course is exactly the things that worked for me, as well as my clients. The truth is, while there is no quick fix to anxiety, there are ways to reframe your thoughts, regain control and practice regular rituals that will support your wellbeing and reduce your anxiety. Trust me, this course can change your life.

I’ve learnt a great deal about what works and what doesn’t. The stuff in this course really works!


Mayhem to Zen Anxiety Course

The Mayhem to Zen Course is

offered in 6 easy learning modules

so you can go at your own pace.

Each module includes bite sized videos you can watch anywhere. There's a mega workbook bursting with tools, strategies, skill-building exercises, and the opportunity to apply your new knowledge to your life immediately!

6 Self-Study Modules

36 Video Lessons

50+ Page Workbook

1 Audio Meditation

Bonus* Video

The Ultimate Anxiety Calmer

Bonus* Anti-anxiety Affirmation Cards

Mayhem to Zen


A single payment of £99 gets you full access to the course, forever.

Plus FREE updates.

(And you'll unlock some discounts off my other products too!)

Trusted by many...

Let me help you too!


"I love the fact I understand my brain a bit more now! It's given me some compassion for myself which I didn't realise just how much I needed. I can see just how much I can help myself too. Well worth every penny! Thanks Caroline."


"What a fantastic course. I was sceptical to be honest, but I gave it a go as I was feeling SO fed up of always feeling anxious. Now I've got lots of things I can do to support me. This course has helped me no end. Amazing!!"


"I feel so knowledgeable now and inspired to put into practice as many of the rituals as I can and keep going. I've learnt just how much my anxiety affects my life and also the ways to change my thoughts. It's a new beginning for me now."

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