Manifesting Miracles Bundle Spiritual Journey Guidance

Discover TEN quick, EASY and FUN ways to bring your desires into your life...starting now!

Perhaps it's...

  • More money

  • A promotion

  • Starting your own business

  • Finding your soul mate

Whatever your wishes and yearnings,


Even if you’re unsure this will work for you with no prior manifesting knowledge!!


It's a bundle bursting with ten spiritual practices to bring into your life that will get you the results you're searching for. When we shift into states that allow our sub-conscious to get on board with our intentional beliefs and dreams, they will happen!

Each module has a mini video / PDF / audio to guide you, step by step and show you exactly what you need to do to unleash your magical manifesting powers!

And in getting this bundle NOW you'll get the super bonus of how to combine the practices effectively to maximise their impact and minimise the time you spend on them with this...

  • Cheatsheet for your daily spiritual, sustainable practice in 15 minutes

So you'll be able to master the art of manifesting to attract your hopes and goals into your reality in as little as 15 minutes a day!

This bundle works so well you’ll swear it must be magic!

You’ll discover the ridiculously simple yet joyful ways to manifest – and understand why, even if you’ve dabbled with The Law of Attraction before, yet didn’t see results.

Here’s what we're going to cover...

  • Journalling

Exploring four different types of journalling, recognise the benefits of each and how to nail each one for your needs.

  • EFT

What it is and how to do it. Also what to say while you're tapping.

  • Morning Script

The winning way to begin your day. With peaceful and powerful intentions, this is a game changer to bring into your life.

  • Affirmations

No need to scrabble around looking for the best affirmations statements anymore. Here's a done for you cheatsheet with the most effective and powerful affirmations.

  • Gratitude

Understand how and why this practice is SO important. Add this into your daily routine and the changes you desire will come easier and quicker!

  • Solfeggio Frequencies

Maximise your manifesting powers with learning what these are and how listening to them regularly taps into your energy field to bring you closer to your dreams.

  • Power Poses

Moving your body into these poses enable you to connect your physical being with the power of your mind and your breath to supercharge your manifesting.

  • Vision Board

A guide to show you exactly what you need to consider before creating a vision board as well and what to include. A vision board template is there for you too!

  • Meditation

Wherever you are on your meditating journey, tune into a meditation created especially for relaxing and manifesting. Listen again and again for full impact!

  • Chakra Check-in

Learn what each of the seven chakras represent within you and how to unblock and meditate on each one to enable harmony and flow for your successful manifesting!

  • **BONUS**

Get a cheatsheet to see how to create your own sacred spiritual space that allows you to bring all these rituals into your life daily in 15 minutes!

You may be wondering how much all this amazingness costs?

I believe in the power of manifesting SO much and want you to be able to take action and bring the miracles and magic you desire and deserve into your life too.

You can get The Manifesting Miracles Bundles AND the Bonus for a one off, lifetime access of


(And you'll unlock some discounts off my other products too!)

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